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SEIP supports the skills development of the national workforce to meet country's future demand for jobs. Workers and employers in Bangladesh have a wide range of government-subsidised courses and approved training providers to choose from.

Supporting Industry's Skills Needs

SEIP is helping to shape funding priorities to meet the country's skills needs. The courses subsidised under SEIP is the outcome of research and extensive consultation with industry and international experts. It enables people in Bangladesh to make more informed choices about their training.

SEIP enables a supply of skilled workers, as people in Bangladesh access subsidised training and enter the workforce. There is also targeted funding available for higher-level training and part qualifications in priority industries.

Apprentices and Trainees

Government funding is available for the formal training component of apprenticeships and most new-entrant traineeships. Under SEIP, all apprenticeship and most traineeship qualifications are subsidised. Training for existing worker trainees are also subsidised under upskill courses.

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