About SEIP

Skilled Resource Information Platform is a central platform for Bangladesh's professionally trained and skilled resources information under Skills for Employment Investment Program(SEIP) project initiated by Government of Bangladesh. The aim of this portal is to help students, employers, trainers and overall training industries by connecting each other from training to job search to job placement.

SEIP provides eligible students with:

- an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including certificate and job placement.

- government funding for higher-level courses (e.g. diploma) in targeted priority areas.

If you're a prospective student, this website tells you everything you need to know about SEIP before you enrol with your preferred training provider.

With this Skilled Resource Information Platform you have more choices when selecting courses and training providers. You can then visit the Course Finder to find the right course and training provider. The site also includes information for employers and training providers.